[2012 U-SURF] My SPIKE & U-SURF Experience 2012

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성명 : Racine Nassau   /   출신학교 : Columbia University   /   참여연구실 : Gas Hydrate-Based Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage


Waking up at 4 am to chant and bow with Buddhist monks for what seemed like an eternity, then consuming every bit of breakfast, including the water used to clean the bowls… Riding a banana boat with new Korean friends… Making onggi, wearing hanbok, visiting temples, learning Korean games… A riverside barbecue with friends I have shared so much with in such a short time…

Coming to Korea for research, these are not experiences I expected to have. However, they are memories I am so grateful for, and these memories are a gift I will have forever. SPIKE, a program consisting of one month of language and culture classes followed by one month of research, has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. This combination of language, culture, and research was ideal; I was able to learn some Korean and gain a better understanding of the culture and history before starting research.


Although my primary motive for coming to UNIST was to do research, the month of language and culture classes was invaluable as it helped us to understand, communicate, and navigate: skills that truly enrich our life and experience here.
The second month of SPIKE, the U-SURF research program, was no less rewarding. 


I worked in Professor Seo Yongwon’s lab, researching gas hydrates and carbon capture and storage. The research being done here is so exciting and has fascinating implications. Although the U-SURF program was not long, I felt welcomed into the lab, with people going out of their way to explain things to me and include me. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to come to this lab and I have learned so much.

I think I can speak for the other SPIKE students when I say we whole-heartedly recommend this program.  I think many of us only wish we could stay longer.