[2012 U-SURF] My 2012 SPIKE & U-SURF essay

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성명 : Pham Thai Hoa / 출신학교 : Hanoi University of Science and Technology / 참여연구실 : Nano Scale Design and Automation Lab

Participating in U-SURF is a great experience for me. I have had that chance to work in a good research environment, made many new friends and discovered Korean culture.

I really enjoyed the research environment at UNIST. I was participating in the Nano scale Design and Automation Lab of professor Kim Youngmin and it was a great experience. I had the chance to participate in the lab’s projects and learnt many things from my professor and my lab-mates. The research here was being done in professional way with two lab meetings a week, in which professor check the progress of individual projects and discuss with student if there is any difficulty. In that way, I have gained a lot of valuable experience in doing research.

Besides that, I really like UNIST campus and students. When I arrived in UNIST, I was really impressed by the campus. UNIST has a lot of trees and a stream flow across the campus and that make me feel closer to nature. Another great thing is UNIST also has many sport yards, and that made the campus life more enjoyable. The students of UNIST are very friendly. During the time I spent in UNIST, I have made many Korean friends and they are very nice to me. They showed me around the place, helped me with Korean language and told me a lot of things about Korean cultures. It is very sad to say goodbye to my friend in UNIST.

Participating in U-SURF also gives me the chance to discover a lot about Korean culture. During my one-month stay here I have tried many Korean foods, and visited several regions of Korea. Thus, I found out many new things about Korea that I have not known before. It makes me want to come back to Korea again.

One month at UNIST and USURF program has give me a lot of beautiful memories. I really wish that I can have more time at UNIST and participating in more projects and research. I strongly believe that UNIST has great potential to become a top university in the future.