[2012 U-SURF] Feeling on SPIKE & U-SURF

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성명 : Cheng Yu Pang   /   출신학교 : Hong Kong University of Science and Technology   /   참여연구실 : Organic Synthesis (양창덕 교수님)


I am grateful to the organizers for letting me join the SPIKE. Regarding its design, one month for cultural program – which I only joined for two days then went back Hong Kong due to family issues – and one month for research internship, it did well to let participants experience the unique Korean culture and develop their interest in research, and to attract them to study as graduates in UNIST.


Nonetheless, this program may upset those talents who expect to achieve great research results, because of only one month for research. While the original design is almost perfect, perhaps you could provide an additional option – research internship for the entire two months. This period should suffice for them to be productive in a bit great results and may even lift the celebrity of UNIST.


Generally, I had a great time in this program and in Korea. Thanks for your efforts!