TOEIC out of date

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Cristiano Maciel2021.10.14

Hello All,
I wanted to ask about accepting TOEIC test.
My TOEIC test was valid until 08/15 o this year, i could not renew it because of COVID problems in my country. Do you think this can still be used? I cant get a new test right now cause of COVID and would like to know if the test with valid date untik 2021/08/14 can still be accepted. My grade was 985 out of 990.


No, TOEIC scores past the expiration date will not be accepted.
Because official english proficiency is a required document for foreign applicants, you cannot apply if you do not have an official English proficiency test score.
Due to the COVID-19 situation, we can't understand that there are no test results.
We constantly inform on the notice board that students to prepare for official English proficiency test scores in advance.
And here is a Q&A board for Korean applicants.
Please leave your questions on the English admissions website.