• U-SURF Faculty
    Track(Major) Professor Research Intereats Lab. Email
    Battery Science and Technology Hyunwook Lee Li, Na-ion battery, In-situ TEM study, Nanostructured electrodes
    Jaephil Cho Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Energy Storage Devices (Li-ion, Metal-Air), Development of Coating Methods for Anode and Cathode Materials
    Kim, Youngsik Ionic conducting membrane, Energy conversion materials and devices, Battery
    Kyeong Min Jeong Lithium-Ion Battery performance, quality, safety enhancement, Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage System Evolution
    Nam-Soon Choi Functional organic-inorganic compounds for building the robust interface between electrodes and electrolytes, Versatile liquid and polymer electrolytes for Lithium-ion batteries, Ionic liquids and ionic gels for energy storage systems
    Sang Young Lee Flexible Energy Storage Systems, Battery Material, Electrolyte, Membrane, Electrode
    Seok Ju Kang Metal-Air battery, low dimensional materials, organic functional materials
    Soojin Park Block copolymer lithography, Polymeric binder and separator, Si-based materials, Polymeric materials
    Yoon Seok Jung Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs), All-Solid-State Batteries (ASSBs), Atomic Layer Deposition for Batteries, Li-Air Batteries, Supercapacitor
    Biological Sciences Changwook Lee Protein X-ray crystallography, Structural biology, Protein biochemistry
    Chunghun Lim Behavioral Genetics, Neurological Disorders, Molecular Neuroscience, Ribonomics
    Dougu Nam Probability(Stochastic processes), Gene network, Pathway analysis, Disease classification
    Eunhee Kim Molecular and Cellular Cancer Biology, Dysregulation of Splicing in Cancer, Cell Death Mechanism
    Jae-Ick Kim Neural circuits in motor and reward-related behaviors, Neurodegenerative diseases, Neurotransmitter co-release
    Jang Hyun Choi Obesity, Diabetes, Metabolism, Global Gene Regulation, Anti-Diabetic Agents
    Jayil Lee Biophysics, biochemistry, DNA repair, chromatin dynamics, telomere
    Jiyoung Park Adipocyte biology, Tumor microenvironment, Obesity/Diabetes, Cancer therapeutics development
    Kang, Byoung Heon Nano-bio materials based on protein engineering, Protein Engineering, Drug/diagnostics delivery nanoplatform, Protein-base vaccine delivery systems, Protein mass spectrometry
    Kang, Sebyung Protein Engineering, Bio-inspired Nanomaterials Synthesis, Protein based Drug Delivery System, Protein Mass Spectrometry, Protein Dynamics & Protein-Protein Interactions
    Kwon, Hyug Moo TonEBP in inflammation and metabolism, Kidney disorders, Metabolic disease, Brain disorders
    Kyung-Tai Min Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Brain , Neurological disorders, Learning and Memory, Mitochondrial dynamics, Organelle dynamics
    Kyungjae Myung Genomic Integrity, DNA Repair, DNA Replication, Damage Response, Recombination, Genomic Integrity, Cancer, Aging
    Myunggon Ko Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Cancer Epigenetics, DNA methylation/demethylation, TET proteins, 5-methylcytosine Oxidation, Oncogenic Transformation, Cancer Therapy
    Orlando D. Scharer DNA Damage and Repair and its Relationship to Cancer Biology and Therapy; Chemical, Molecular and Cell Biology
    Park, Chan Young Calcium Channel signaling, Store-Operated and Voltage gated Calcium Channels, Drug Development, Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Neuron
    Robert J. Mitchell Pathogenic bacteria, Predatory bacteria, Patho-biotechnology, Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus, Bioproduction, Fermentation, Biofuels
    Suh Pann-Ghill Signal transduction, Cancer, Metabolism, Phospholipase C
    Taejoo Park Fat signaling pathway in morphogenesis, RNA-seq screening for novel factors critical for craniofacial morphogenesis
    Young Chan Chae Cancer Metabolism, Stress Response of Cancer, Mitochondria of Cancer, Mechanism of tumor therapeutic resistance
    Biomedical Engineering Cheol-Min Ghim Network biology, metabolic engineering, complex network, information theory
    Chung Hun Park Biomedical Optics, Smart Imaging, Holography, Wavefront shaping
    Francois Amblard Biology, Cancer Biology
    Hanjin Kim Single molecule ribosome assembly, Mitochondrial transcription initiation, Intrinsically disordered proteins – IκBα/NF-κB, Dynamics of L7/L12 ribosomal protein
    HyungJoon Cho In vivo magnetic resonance imaging, Imaging microvasculature, Susceptibility contrast based structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultra fast acquisitions of dynamic MR, Algorithm/Hardware development for magnetic particle imaging
    Jong Hwa Bhak Aging Bioinformatics , Bioinformatics, Aging, Genomics
    Joo Hun Kang Biomedical devices, Infectious disease, Organ-on-a-chip, Microfluidics, Mechanobiology
    Jung, Woonggyu Biomedical Engineering, Translational optical Imaging, Optical stimulation, Optical coherence tomography
    Kang, Hyun-Wook 3D Bioprinting, Tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine, Body-on-a-chip
    Kim, Jeong Beom Direct conversion, Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC), Patient-specific stem cells, Cell-based disease modeling, Regenerative medicine, 3D tissue engineering, Cancer stem cell
    Semin Lee Cancer genomics & single-cell genomics
    Sung Chul Bae Multiscale optical imaging in space and time domain, Therapeutic applications of lasers
    Taejoon Kwon Cell and Molecular Biology , Functional genomics, Systems biology, Model organism, Proteomics, Birth defact, Host Microbe Interaction
    Yoon-Kyoung Cho Lab-on-a-chip, Biosensors, Biomedical Devices
    Chemical Engineering Baig, Chunggi Polymer rheology, Multiscale simulation, Nonequilibrium molecular dynamics
    Dong Woog Lee Bio/Bio-inspired adhesives and lubricant, Friction of Skin and Sensory perception, Wetting/non-wetting surfaces, Surface physics and chemistry of low-dimensional materials
    Hyun-Kon Song Electrochemistry: Electroanalysis, Electroactive Materials, Electrochemical Devices for Energy
    Hyunhyub Ko Wearable sensors, Nanomaterials, Nanofabrications, Functional Devices
    Ja Hun Kwak Heterogeneous catalysis, Molecular catalysis, Zeolite
    Jae Sung Lee Photocatalyst, Photocatalytic water splitting , Artificial photosynthesis, Fuel cells, Heterogeneous catalysis
    Ji-Wook Jang Artificial photosynthesis for the direct solar-to-fuel conversion
    Jiseok Lee Optofluidic photolithography, Nanoparticle Synthesis, Conjugated polymer design and Synthesis, Flow lithography, 3d printing
    Kwak Sang Kyu Molecular Modeling and Simulation , Thermodynamics/Statistical Thermodynamics, Molecular Physics
    Kwangjin An Nanoparticle Catalytsts, Catalytic Activity, Selectivity, and Stability, Strong Metal-Support Interactions, Biofuel Conversion, Tandem Catalysis
    Lee, Chang Young Carbon nanomaterials, Nanoelectronics, Neuroengineering, Biomimetic nanosystems
    Sang Hoon Joo Electrocatalysis, Nanomaterials, Fuel Cells
    So Youn Kim Polymer nanocomposite, Colloids, Block copolymers
    Sung Hoon Park Bioenergy Production, Biochemical Production
    Sung Kuk Lee Synthetic biology, Biofuels and biomaterials, Gene expression in prokaryotes
    Sungyou Hong synthetic organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, chemical biology, organic electrochemistry
    Yong Hwan Kim New enzymes for the conversion of CO2 gas to value-added products, New enzymes for the conversion of C1 gases such as Co into value added products
    Chemistry Bartosz Grzybowski Macromolecular Chemistry
    Byeong-Su Kim Polymer chemistry and carbon nanomaterials
    Cheol-Min Park Organic synthesis, Medicinal chemistry, Chemical Biology
    Chirstopher W. Bielawski Macromolecular & Synthetic Materials Chemistry
    Geunsik Lee 2D materials, photo-absorption/luminescence, non-equilibrium electron transport
    Hoi Ri MOON Coordination Chemistry, Metal-Organic Framework, Porous Materials
    Hyeon Suk Shin Two-dimensional materials: graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and h-BN
    Ja-Hyoung Ryu Supramolecular Assembly, Synthetic Peptide Assembly, Nanomedicine, Cancer Drug Delivery
    Jan Uwe-Rohde Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Activation of Small Molecules
    Jung-Min Kee Chemical Biology. Design, synthesis, and biological applications of chemical tools
    Kwang Soo Kim Design, synthesis, development of new nanomaterials and nanodevices
    Kwon, Tae-Hyuk Energy Harvesting and Strorage by Spray Chemistry, Organic Matierals for Energy and Biological Applications
    Lah, Myoung Soo Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), Crystal Engineering, Supramolecular coordination chemistry
    Mi Hee Lim Chemical Biology, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Metalloneurochemistry
    Oh-Hoon Kwon Physical chemistry, Development of a new-generation 4D electron microscope, Studies of structural dynamics in smart materials using 4D microscopy, Femtochemistry and femtobiology
    Rhee, Hyun Woo Site-Specific Protein Labeling in Living Cells, Artificial Cofactors for Biomimetic Catalyst, Spatiotemporal Proteome mapping of living cells
    Rodney S. Ruoff Novel Carbon and Related Materials, and their chemical, physical, biological, and other, properties; nanoscience and nanotechnology.
    Seung Kyu Min Theoretical/Computational Chemistry. Excited State Phenomena
    Steve Granick Phospholipid assemblies, Self-assembly of novel, specially-designed colloidal particles, Single-Molecule Imaging, Water; hydrophobicity, Living Cells
    Thomas Schultz Correlated spectroscopy, Ultrafast spectroscopy, High-resolution spectroscopy, Photochemistry
    Wonyoung Choe Metal-Organic Frameworks, Energy, Sustainability, Structural Design
    Young S. Park Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
    YUNG SAM KIM Development and applications of 2D IR spectroscopy, Understanding structure and fast dynamics of complex materials by 2D IR, Fast protein dynamics, Water-peptide interaction, Development of new vibrational probes
    Zaho, Bum Suk Physical Chemistry, Atom and Molecule Physics, Molecular Spectroscopy, Matter Wave Optics
    Computer Engineering Aaram Yun homomorphic cryptography, foundation of cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, computer security
    Antoine Vigneron Computational geometry, algorithms, data structures, complexity
    Beomseok Nam Distributed Systems, Cluster, Cloud, and Grid Computing, Scalable High Performance Scientific Database Management Systems, Spatio-Temporal Databases, Multiple Query Optimization
    Jaesik Choi Inference and Learning in Large-Scale Graphical Models, Intelligent hybrid systems, Robot Task Planning, Multimedia Retrieval.
    Jeong, Won-Ki GPU-accelerated large-scale biomedical image processing, Computer graphics and visualization, GPGPU (General Purpose computation on the Graphics Processing Units)
    Jiwon Seo Big data systems, graph analysis, data mining, large-scale machine learning
    Joo, Changhee Wireless networks with ubiquitous connectivity, Network performance and optimization, Distributed computing and universal sensing, Energy harvesting networks, Disaster recovery networks
    Kyounghan Lee Mobile networks, Mobile networks, Future Internet, Human-awareness
    Lee, Jongeun Multi- and many-core architectures, and accelerators, Application- and domain-specific processors, and compilers for them, Embedded systems, hardware-software codesign, and System-on-Chip (SoC) design, Compilers for low power and/or reliability
    Sam H. Noh Operating system issues related to flash memory & Solid State Drives (SSDs), Operating system redesign for non-volatile memory deployed systems
    Sung Ju Hwang Visual Object Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Information Retrieval
    Sungahn Ko Visual analytics, Information visualization, HCI
    Tsz-Chiu Au Autonomous agents, Autonomous traffic management, Autonomous vehicles, Automated planning, Evolution of cooperation, Market mechanism
    Woongki Baek Computer Systems, Computer Architecture, System Software, Parallel Computing, Embedded Computing
    Young-ri Choi Cloud computing, Virtualization, Scientific Computing, Network protocol design, Sensor networks, Self-stabilization, Secure computing
    Creative Design Engineering (Industrial Design) Baek, Joon Sang Design for social innovation, Design for sustainability, Service design, Product service system design, Social networks studies
    Hui Sung Lee Innovative Electrical System Design and Implementation with Sensors, Actuators, and Micro-Controller
    Hwajung Hong Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Assistive Technology, Crowdsourcing
    James Andrew Self Industrial design practice, Designerly tools, Design activity, Design embodiment, Experiential knowledge
    Jin-Sung Kim Industrial Design, Design Production, Design for daily use
    Kim, Cha Joong Product experience , Usability , User profiling , Cultural diversity in design , Interactive design , Research methods and techniques
    KwanMyung Kim Integrated Product Design: Engineering design, 3D CAD, Prototyping, Digital Design, Design theory and method, Innovative Product Development: Design-driven enterpreneurship, Creative Design Process: design cognitive process, creative methods
    Young-Woo Park Interaction Design, HCI, Tangible User Interfaces
    Yun Woo Jeong Industrial Design, Product Design, Transportation Design, Trend, Future, Mobility, Style
    Disaster Management Engineering Byung-min Kim Ground motion amplifications due to site and basin effects, Ground motion prediction model, Landslides, Liquefaction, Seismic risk assessment
    Chang-Keun Song Atmospheric chemistry and Impact assessment, Integrated Approach of Air Quality and Climate Change, Korean Geostationary Environmental Monitoring Satellite(GEMS)
    Dong Hyun Cha Development of Numerical Models for Weather and Climate, Real-time Weather Forecasting & Regional Climate Modeling, Generation of Future Climate Change Scenario
    Ji-Bum Chung Risk Management, Disaster Management, Risk Communication, Safety Design
    Marco Torbol Reliability, Risk assessment, Fragility analysis, Vulnerability of infrastructure systems Parallel computing, Structural health monitoring , Disaster Management Engineering
    Young Joo Lee Structural reliability, Network reliability, Disaster risk assessment, Risk-based structural design and maintenance, Computer-aided risk analysis
    Electrical Engineering Bien, Franklin Wireless power transfer technology research, Analog IC & mixed-signal IC design, RF front-end circuits design, Automotive telematics & SoC for vehicular technology research
    Haksun Kim IoT System, Sensing System, Data gathering System, Data Filter system, Light Wave Eng.
    Han, Ki Jin Electromechanics (electric machine), Electrical interconnection and package (EIP), power delivery network (PDN), Electromagnetic compatibility, Computational electromagnetics, Wireless passive devices, antennas
    Hyoil Kim Wireless networks, Cognitive radio, WLAN , Mobile cloud, LTE , 5G
    Hyun Jong Yang Next generation cellular networks , Multi-Input Muti-Output (MIMO) , Advanced Wireless Relay , Interference Management in Small Cells
    Jaehyouk Choi System IC Design, Wireless Communication Circuits, Energy Harvesting Circuits, High-Speed Interconnection Circuits
    Jeehoon Jung High Efficiency Power Conversions for Various Applications, High Efficiency DC-DC Converters, SMPSs, Active PFCs, Digitally Controlled Power Converters and Inverters, Bidirectional Power Conversion for DC Distribution System, Real-time Simulation of Power Conversion Systems, Power Hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) Simulation for Electric Power Systems, Intelligent Motor Control & Diagnosis for Electric Vehicle, Smart Grid Interface for Renewable Energy Sources, Multilevel Converters for HVDC Power Transmission System, Control and Signal Processing Theory for Power Conversion
    Jin-Ho, Chung Sequence design for communications and security systems, Error-correcting codes, Quantumn Information Theory, Mathematical tools for communications and cryptography
    Jingook Kim Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal Integrity, Electrostatic discharge, RF and EM interference, Wireless power transfer, 3-D IC modeling
    Jiwon Chang Nanoscale Device, Quantum Transport, Boltzmann Transport, Ab-Initio Calculation
    Jun Moon Control, Reinforcement Learning, Optimization, Game Theory
    Katherine A. Kim(김예린) power electronics, photovoltaics, dc-dc converters, maximum power point tracking, converter control, PV fault detection algorithms, time-optimal control
    Kim, Jae Joon Healthcare Interfaces, Environmental Sensor Interfaces, Automotive Transceivers, and Analog/RF Circuits including Data Converters, PLLs, Oscillators, and etc.
    Kyung Rok Kim Nano-CMOS development for ultra-low power digital/RF application, Nano-electronic "beyond-CMOS" for Multi-valued logic (MVL) & memory (MVM), Physical device modeling for mesoscopic quantum transport in nano-scale structures, Technology CAD(TCAD)-based computational semiconductor physics and electronics
    Lee, Jongwon Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Surface Plasmon Polaritons, SPP based Photonic Devices, Graphene based Photonic Devices, Light-Matter Interaction
    Min-Suk, Kwon nanophotonic waveguide devices, photonics
    Se Young Chun Model-based image reconstruction and non-rigid image registration, Medical image processing (PET, SPECT, CT, MR), Biosignal processing for user authentication (ECG, EMG), Statistical signal / image processing and multimodal information processing
    Seokhyeong Kang Low Power System-on-Chip Design, Error-Resilient SoC Design, Accuracy-Configurable SoC Design
    Seong-Jin Kim Analog integrated circuits and systems, CMOS image sensor, Bio-medical interface circuits
    Seungjoon Yang Statistical Signal Processing, Multi-rate Systems, Image/Video Processing, Computer Vision
    Sim, Jae-Young Image Processing, Computer Vision, 3D Visual Processing, Multimedia Data Compression
    Energy Engineering Changduk Yang Organic Electronics (OLEDs, Organic Photovoltaic Cells (OPVs & DSSCs), OFETs and etc.), Functionalization of Carbonaceous Solids (Fullerene, Carbon nanotube, and Graphene), Advanced Materials Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry/Supramolecular Electronics, Macromolecular Chemistry
    Guntae Kim Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)& SOE, Metal-air Batteries, Ceramic membranes, PEMFC
    Hyesung Park Low-dimensional nanomaterials(Graphene), transition metal dichalcogenides, nanowires), Solar cells, Ligh-emitting diodes, Energy harvesting and conversion
    Ji-Hyun Jang Solar Cells , Graphene, H₂generation, 3D-Nanostrcutures, SeRS, Supercapacitors, Thermoelectric Materials
    Jin Young Kim Polymer solar cells, Perovskite solar cells, Polymer light emitting diodes, Polymer field-effect transistors, Colloidal quantum dot solar cells
    Jong-Beom Baek Graphene, Carbon nanotube (CNT), Hyperbranched Polymer, High Performance Polymer, Dendritic Macromolecules
    Jongnam Park Nanoparticle Synthesis, Surface Engineering, Biosensors, Biomedical Devices, Molecular Imaging, Microfluidics
    Jun Hee Lee Quantum Materials Genome, Dynamic Photocatalysts Simulation
    Jungki Ryu Artificial Photosynthesis, Bio-inspired Materials Science for Energy Storage and Conversion, Biomaterials Science and Engieering
    Kwanyong Seo Si Solar Cell, Flexible Solar Cell, Transparent Solar Cell, PV-Battery Hybrid System, Water Splitting, Nano/Microstrucure, Light Manipulation
    SEOK, SANG IL Long-Term Stable inorganic-organic perovskite materials, Highly efficient emerging perovskite devices
    Environmental Science and Engineering Changsoo Lee Anaerobic bioconversion of waste to valuable products: biogas (CH4 and H2), organic acids, and alcohols, Bioelectrochemical systems converting off-gas to valuable chemicals, Biological nutrient removal and recovery from waste: nitrogen, phosphorus, and metals, Microbial community diversity and dynamics in environmental bioprocesses
    Cho, Jaeweon Membrane Water Treatment, Desalination, Water Reuse, NOM 정밀분석 기술개발, TOC수질기준마련 기초연구
    JungHo Im Remote sensing of terrestrial and coastal ecosystem responses to climate variability, polar remote sensing, Remote sensing data assimilation and applications, Natural and man-made disaster monitoring and assessment using remote sensing and GIS.
    Kyoung Hwa Cho Water quality control and pollution prevention strategies, Harmful algal bloom prediction, The effects of climate-changed-induced extreme events on water quality and ecology, Pathogenic bacteria contamination in natural surface waters, Oil spilt simulation in natural surface waters
    Lee, Changha Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology, Chemistry of Reactive Oxygen Species in Aquatic systems, Water Treatment Using Photochemical Process and Advanced Oxidation Technologies. , Sludge Treatment and Recovery Using Physical/Chemical Methods , Chemical Oxidation Technologies for Contaminant Degradation and Pathogen Inactivation
    Myong-In Lee Climate Modeling and Prediction, Global Carbon Cycle, Seasonal Forecast, Aerosols
    Sarah Kang Atmospheric general circulation, Climate change issues (global warming, ozone depletion, etc), Polar-tropical interaction
    Seo, Yongwon CO2 Capture and Storage, Gas Hydrate, Greenhouse Gas, Clean Energy
    Sung-Deuk Choi Multimedia monitoring and modeling of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), Monitoring of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), Emerging contaminants and their environmental fates, Influence of climate change on carbon cycle and the fate of toxic chemicals
    Young-Nam Kwon Aquatic chemistry and its application to the analysis and solution of specific chemical problems in aqueous solutions, Better understanding and application of membrane technology to water or wastewater treatment, Development of innovative technologies for the treatment of contaminated water
    Human Factors Engineering Dooyoung Jung Healthcare system, Behavioral therapy, Caregiver assistance, VR therapy
    Gwanseob Shin Industrial Ergonomics, Clinical Biomechanics, Product Design and Evaluation
    Gyouhyung Kyung Human Factors Engineering, HMI / HCI / UX / DHM / BCI, Mobility Ergonomics (automobiles, APC, ships, yachts, etc.), Wearable Computer Human Interface, u-Health System
    Ian Orkley Motives for using Facebook, Magnetic Appcessories, Cognition and Gameplay, Social Technology and Music
    Kim, Sung-Phil Brain-Computer Interfaces, Neural Decoding, Behavior Learning Model, Social Cognitive Engineering
    Oh-Sang Kwon Vision science, visuo-motor coordination
    Youngshin Kwak Color & Surface Appearance, Color/Shape Emotion, 2D and 3D Image Quality, Lighting Quality, Display Processing
    Management Engineering Byoung Ki Seo Financial Engineering, Finanicial Mathematics, Market Microstructure
    Changyong Lee Applied Data Mining and Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Technology and Innovation Management, Service Engineering
    Chiehyeon Lim Service Science, Data Analytics on Service Systems, Smart Service Systems, Personal Process Management, Decision Science
    Choi Youngrok Entrepreneurship, Innovation Strategy, Family & Small Business, Strategic Alliances
    Choi, Bo Reum Human Computer Interaction, Social Media, Mobile Business, Internet of Things
    Chung, Keunsuk International Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, International Capital Flows
    Daejin Kim Investments, Market Microstructure, Derivatives, Mutual Funds/Hedge Funds, Exchange-Traded-Funds, Empirical Asset Pricing
    Dong-Joon Lim Data Science, Analytical Programming, Optimization Modeling, Multivariate Data Analysis, Technological Forecasting
    Han-Gyun Woo Innovation management, Business process management, Open innovation
    Hyeongsop Shim Corporate finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Restructuring, Private Equity, Initial Public Offerings, Capital Structure
    Hyun Jin Jang Credit Derivatives, Copulas, Stochastic Volatility, Numerical Method, Risk Management
    Jacob Chaeho Lee Marketing, Consumer behavior, Marketing strategy, Customer satisfaction
    Jun Youp Lee Corporate finance, Empirical corporate finance, Market microstructure, The effect of information disclosure on the efficiency of capital market, , Initial public offerings (IPOs)
    Kanghyock Koh Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics
    KwangWook Gang Desruptive Technology, Industry Dynamics, Technological Entrepreneurship, Technological Dynamic Capability, R&D Behaviors
    Lee, Eunsuh Corporate Governance, Corporate Life Cycle , Audit, Banks
    Marco Comuzzi business process management, enterprise systems, ERP systems, process mining
    Min chung Kim Marketing strategies and their impact on financial performances/Executive characteristics and strategic marketing decisions/Top Management Team (TMT) dynamics and marketing/management strategies/China marketing & corporate social responsibility and their impacts
    Molan Kim Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, CRM, Marketing Analytics, Digital Database Marketing
    Sungil Kim Business Analytics, Data mining and machine learning, Spatial statistics, Design of experiments, Robust parameter design, Uncertainty quantication, Demand forecasting, Predictive analytics, Hierarchical modeling
    Woonki Hong Expertise utilization, Transactive menory system, High-commitment work system, Organizational fairness, Human resource management , Knowledge sharing
    Yeolib Kim Information Technology Adoption, E-Commerce, Research Methods, Individual Differences in Information Technology Use
    Youngchoon Kim Organization Learning, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship
    Zhang Lu Diversity management, Leadership, Power dynamics in organizations, Corporate social responsibility
    Materials Science and Engineering Chaenyung Cha Multifunctional Nanocomposite Biomaterials, Microfabrication Technology, Tissue Engineering
    Feng Ding Using theoretical methods to design functional materials, to simulate the thermodynamics and kinetics processes of various materials via multi-scaled computational simulations, to synthesis the designed materials experimentally.
    Han Gi Chae Polymer Physics, Polymer Processing, Carbon Nano Materials, Ultra High Strength/Modulus Carbon Fiber, Polymer Nanocomposites for Multi-Functional Smart Fiber/Textile
    Hyung-Joon Shin Local modification of the electronic properteis of materials in nanoscale, Atomic-scale investigation on the energy transfer and conversion mechanism at the surface and interface of nanomaterials, Dynamic of single molecules on ultrathin insulating films
    Jae Sung Son Synthesis applications of nanamaterials
    Jang-Ung Park Synthesis of nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, etc), High resolution printing technologies for large-area electronics, Flexible and stretchable electronic devices, Transparent smart electronics, Biosensors and implantable medical devices
    Jeong Min Baik Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Energy & Environmental devices, Piezoelectric/Triboelectric Generators, Artificial Photosynthesis, Smart sensors, Nanophotonics (LEDs)
    Ji Yun Kim Adaptive/Programmable Materials, Nano-bio interfaces, Smart Nanocomposites, Microfluidics, Self-assembly/Self-organization, Cell Microenvironment, Tissue Engineering, Magnetic Materials, Neuroengineering, etc.
    Ju-Young Kim Multifunctional Nanocomposites: Water splitting solar cell, flexible display, Nano/Bio Mechanics: Damage-tolerant and anti-corrosion coating, artificial heart valve, Nanostructured Materials durable at Harsh Environments: Energy-saving structural materials, chemical and biological sensors and actuators, Reliability Issues in Nano/Micro Devices: Nano Electronic Devices, MEMS resonator
    Jung Woo Yoo Molecular/Organic electronics, spintronics, optoelectronics, Atomic/Molecular layer deposition, functional surface coating, Organic/Molecule-based magnet, low dimentional magnets, spin glasses
    Ki-Suk Lee Magnetic materials - Rare-earth (free) magnet, Multi-functional magnetic materials, Magnetism on the nanoscale and mesoscale - Spin dynamics, Magnonics (spin waves), Spintronic devices: magnetic random access memory, magnetic logic devices
    Kyoung-Jin Choi Nano-structures solar cell : semiconductor nanowires, quantum dots, Photoelectrochemical(PEC) water splitting based on visible-light photocatalysts, GaN-based light emitting diodes (LEDs) for solid-state lightings based on nanotechnologies; QD-based FRET and color converter
    Min Sang Kwon Molecular design, Novel organic emitters, Smart functional organic materials, Polymer/Organic synthesis
    Myoung-Hoon Song Organic or Polymer Based Optoelectronic Devices (PLED/Organic Solar Cells), Organic Semiconducting Lasers, Hot embossing Nano-Imprinting, Photonic Devices Using Liquid Crystals
    Soon-Yong Kwon Facile Synthesis of Graphene and Graphene-Based Electronics, Nanostructured, Compound Semiconductor-Based Optoelectronics, Phase Change Materials and Solar Cell Materials, etc.
    Sukbin Lee 3d materials science, Computational materials science, Microstructural evolution and transformation, Microstructure-property relation, Structural/functional metals, ceramics and composites
    Sung Soo Park Lightweight metallic materials, Novel materials processing technologies, Biomaterials: bio-degradable implants, Multi-scale analysis of materials
    Wook Jo Lead-free piezoceramics, Feroic cooling through electrocaloric effect, Piezotronic sensors, Dielectrics for energy storage
    Young Chul Jun Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Optial physics and devices, 4D printing
    Zonghoon Lee His research group focuses on atomic scale characterization, design, and synthesis as well as properties of advanced materials including 2D materials and soft matter by means of aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy. In situ experiments at both the atomic and nano scales are implemented for his work.
    Mathematical Sciences Bongsoo Jang Numerical analysis & Scientific computation, Nonlinear dynamics & Complex networks, Text mining
    Bongsuk Kwon Mathematical fluid dynamics, Hyperbolic conservation laws, Kinetic theory, Stability of nonlinear waves
    Chang Hyeong Lee Stochastic Analysis and Computation of Reaction Networks, Epidemic Modeling and Simulation, Complex Biological Networks
    Chang-Yeol Jung Numerical methods and analysis, Singular perturbations and boundary layer analysis, Stochastic systems and uncertainty quantification
    Hae-Sang Sun Vanishing of μ μ -invariant of various p-adic L-functions, Indivisibility of special values of various L-functions, Dynamics of continued fractions
    Hantaek Bae Fluid dynamics: Navier-Stokes equations, Euler equations, Quasi-geostrophic equations, Polymeric fluids, Free boundary problems, Boltzmann equation, Keller-Segel Equation, MHD equation
    Jaehyun Cho Applications of the strong Artin conjecture to number theory, Extreme values of L-functions at s=1, Simple zeros of L-functions, Low-lying zeros of L-functions
    Jinhyuk Choi Optimal control problems related to portfolio selection, Equilibrium models with price impact, Game theoretical modeling of cyber-security
    Kyudong Choi Fluid dynamics, Conservation laws, Mathematical Biology
    Pilwon Kim Flocking and self-organizing collective dynamics, Mathematical modeling of social phenomena, Stochastic modeling of biochemical systems, Unconventional computing based on complex systems
    Yunho Kim PDE and Variational Methods in Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Inverse Problems
    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bae Joonbum Human-robot interaction, Exoskeleton, Control, Rehabilitation, Bio-inspired robotics
    Chan Byon Fluid mechanics and heat transfer, Micro/Macroscale phase change phenomena, Electronics thermal management, Microfluidics, Solar/Combustion/Nuclear energy conversion system
    Gun-Ho Kim Heat transfer mechanism in soft materials (e.g., plastics, animal tissues), Development of thermally conductive plastics and high performance polymeric thermoelectric heat engine, Development of biomedical devices that use responses of animals to environmental temperature changes
    Heungjoo Shin Nanofabrication, MEMS(Micro Electromechanical System), SPM, Micro/Nano sensors
    Hoon Eui Jeong Multiscale Fabrication and Manufacturing Methods, Bio-Inspired Technologies, BioMEMS and Biomedical Devices, Nano-Bio Interface
    Hyondong Oh Autonomy and decision making for unmanned vehicles, Cooperative control and path planning for unmanned vehicles, Nonlinear guidance and control, Estimation and sensor/information fusion, Vision-based navigation and control, Bio-inspired self-organising multi-vehicle system
    Hyung Wook Park Manufacturing, Micro/Macro composite, Micro/Mesoscale hybrid manufacturing, Carbon Nanomaterials
    Hyungson Ki Laser materials processing, Multiphysics simulations, Laser microfabrication
    Jae Hwa Lee Turbulent Coherent Structures in Wall Turbulence: Quasi-Streamwise Vortex, Hairpin, Hairpin Packet, Large-Scale Motion and Very-Large-Scale Motion, Physical Modeling of Wall Turbulence, Numerical Method, Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) and Large-Eddy Simulation (LES), Drag Reduction Mechanism
    Jae Seon Lee Phase Change Heat Transfer, Thermal Management, Thermal System Development and Analysis
    Jaesung Jang Micro- and Nano- Sensors for Biomedical and Industrial Applications, Bio-Aerosols, Removal of Biofilms and Bio-residues Using Aerosols, Fundamental Gas and Liquid Flows in Microchannels and Micro-PIV, Electrical Particle & Fluid Manipulation
    Joo Hwan Oh Elastic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals,Elastic Wave and Vibration,Elasticity and Multiphysics,Design Optimization
    Jooha Kim Convergence between fluid mechanics and other areas such as biology, sports, robotics, etc., Experimental fluid mechanics, Flow control, Turbulence
    Kim, Sung Youb Computational Solid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics of Nanomaterials, Multi-scale and Multi-Physics Simulations, Validity Study of the Continuum Theory to Nanoscale Systems
    Son Hungsun Magnetic field modeling, Actuator and sensor, Robotics and Automation
    Taesung Kim Microfluidics, Nanomechatronics, BioMEMS, Microsystem Automation
    Wooseok Ji Carbon fiber composites, Mechanics of composites, In-situ experiments, Fracture mechanics, Computational solid mechanics, Advanced finite element methods, Static and dynamic stability of structures
    Yoo, Chun Sang Combustion and propulsion, Combustion, Propulsion, CFD, Turbulent reacting flows, DNS, LES, LBM
    Young-Bin Park Composites, Nanocomposites, Smart Materials and Structures, Carbon Nanomaterials
    Nuclear Engineering Ahn, Sangjoon Nuclear fuel performance experiments and modeling, Accident Tolerant High Burnup Nuclear Fuel & Cladding, Radiation Interactions with Materials in Nuclear Reactor Core, Thermophysical Properties of Nuclear Materials
    Deokjung Lee Nuclear Reactor Physics, Numerical Method, Neutron Transport / Diffusion, Reactor Design, High Performance Computing, Lattice Physics Code Development, Reactor Core Simulator
    Dong-Seong Sohn Nuclear fuel design, Nuclear fuel , Nuclear system, Fuel cycle
    Hee Reyoung Kim Beta radiation measurement, Liquid metal MHD pump, Liquid metal target, Radioactivith analysis, SFR coolant, D&D radiation
    In Cheol Bang Safety System Design, Nuclear thermal-hydraulics, Nuclear Systems Design, Nuclear System Safety Analysis, Nanofluids, Crktical Heat Flux
    Ji Hyun Kim Nuclear Materials, Fuel Cladding, Corrosion, High Temperature Oxidation, Nuclear Battery
    Lee, Seung Jun Probabilistic Safety Assessment, Digital I&C System Reliability, Human Reliability Analysis
    SUNGYEOL CHOI Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Backend Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radioactive Waste Management, Spent Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Nonproliferation, Decontamination, Molten Salt Recycling, Direct Disposal
    Physics Chae Un Kim Protein Structures and Fuctions, High-Pressure Cryocooling Protein Crystallography, X-Ray Imaging of Biological Assemblies
    Dongsu Ryu Shock waves and turbulence in clusters of galaxies, Orgin and evolution of magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the universe, Plasma astrophysical phenomena in the large-scale structure of the universe
    Eunmi Choi High power THz source development, Radioactive material detection using THz source, Novel/compact THz amplifiers, Generation of higher order modes and propagation
    Hosub Jin Competition between electron-correlation & SOC, Magnetic exchange interactions in iridates and lacunar spinels, Topological insulators and other non-trivial topological phases in various dimensions
    Hyeon K. Park Physics of Stability of Fusion Plasma, Physics of Turbulence on Fusion Plasma Confinement, Advanced Imaging Diagnostics, Comparative Study with the Modeling of MHD and Turbulence Physics
    Hyuk Kyu Pak Liquid-solid/liquid/soft matter interfaces, Nonequilibrium fluctuations/Nano engines, Hydrodynamics of small systems
    Jaeup Kim Polymer Theory, Block Copolymer Nanopatterning, Statistical Mechanics and Computational Physics, Soft Matters, Integral SCFT Development
    Joonwoo Jeong Physics and applications of liquid crystals and topological defects, Pattern formation in soft matter: geometry and competing interactions, Microfluidics of active matter and non-Newtonian fluids
    Kibog Park Wide Band Gap Semiconductor: SiC MOSFET, Nitride HEMT, Epitaxial Graphene on SiC, Metal Oxide Thin Films: Advanced Gate Stack, Ferroelectric RAM, Memristive Devices, Interface Charge/Spin Transport: Ballistic Transport across Interface, Quantum Devices
    Kwanpyo Kim Synthesis of low-dimensional materials including atomic this 2D material, Correlative measurements of nano-scale materials using electron microscopy and other property measurements, Nano electronmechanical sytems (NEMS)
    Kyujin Kwak Non-Equilibrium Ionization Simulations of Astrophysical Plasma in Interstellar and Intergalatic Medium, Numerical Relativity: Hydrodynamic and Magneto-Hydrodynamic Simulations of Turbulence in Relativistic Flows, Computational Nuclear Astrophysics for the Rare Isotope Accelerator Experiments, Relativistic Radiative Transfer for the Astrophysical Applications, Numerical Astro-Chemistry, MHD Code for Nuclear Fusion Facility
    Min Sup Hur Plasma-based Light Sources, Laser-plasma interactions for Particle Acceleraton, General Laser-plasma Interactions
    Moses Chung Beam Physics with intense self-fields and strong coupling, Advanced beam diagnostic development, Beam-driven plasma wakefield acceleration, High-intensity accelerator R&D for future nuclear energy (IFMIF, ADS, HIF), Beam and plasma physics using ion and electron traps
    Noejung Park Electronic Structure for dynamics of non-equilibrium strongly correlated materials, Time-dependent density functional theory plus Hubbard U potential and other correlation terms, Computation study of energy storage materials and energy conversion system
    Tsvi Tlusty Systems biology, Non-equilibrium physics, Physical biology, Molecular information proteins
    Yoon Seok Oh Multiferroics (Giant Magnetoelectricity, Hybrid Improper Ferroelectricity etc.), Exotic phase and phase transitions in emergent quantum materials
    System Design and Control Engineering Daeil Kwon Non-destructive Test Sensors for Prognostics (NTS), Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), Use Condition Characterization (UCC)
    Kim Duck Young Smart Factory, Operating & Maintenance (O&M), Interactive Simulation
    Namhun Kim Human-in-the-system (HITS) - Human-Robot Systems, Human Behavior Modeling & Simulation, Adaptive Process Engineering / Engineering Design - DFSS (Design for Six-sigma), TRIZ (Inventive Problem Solving), CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM, Rapid Prototyping / Tooling / Engineering
    Sang Hoon Kang Rehabilitation Robotic/Mechatronic Systems, Robot aided diagnosis/rehabilitation, Robot control
    Seungchul Lee Diagnostics and Prognostics for Machine Health Management, Manufacturing and Operations, Healthcare System
    Urban Infrastructure Engineering Gi-Hyoug Cho Relationship between human behavior and the active built environment, Application of GIS and spatial analysis on urban planning, Sustainable transportation planning
    Jae Hong Kim Mechanics and material characterization of concrete, Structural analysis of concrete structures
    Jaeeun Oh Low carbon construction materials, Micro- and nanostructure of structural concrete, Alkali-activated inorganic binder (geopolymer binder)
    Jeongseob Kim Affordable Housing, Housing Policy , Neighborhood Dynamics, Mixed Income Communities, Urban Regeneration, Infill and Redevelopment, Social Diversity, Social Inequality , Community Resilience, Social Vunerability, Policy Evaluation, Quantitative Analysis. GIS
    Myoungsu Sin Earthquake-resistant design, modeling, and assessment of reinforced concrete structures, Design optimization of tall building structural systems subjected to multi-hazards, High performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites, Sustainable construction materials (e.g., recycled aggregate concrete, sulfur concrete)
    Sung-Han Sim Structural health monitoring, Wireless smart sensor, System identification and damage assessment, Structural dynamics and experimental methods