2013-1st term Nine Bridges Fellowship Notice

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2013.04.03 (수)

      2013 -1st term nine bridges fellowship


    purpose : to nurture world class scholars at unist

    who may apply (one of below two cases)

       1. freshmen(2013 -1st term) who have outstanding research potentials as world class scientists in the combined master's-doctoral courses or the doctoral courses

       2. students who have outstanding research performances in the combined master's-doctoral courses or the doctoral courses, and those who have published their thesis of sci level (as first author) or dissertation on the world class academic journals such as nature, science and cell etc.

    amount of nine bridges fellowship : max. krw 90million for 3 years

    1st year     mid-evaluation     2nd year      mid-evaluation    3rd year

     max.25million   è   pass   è max.30million  è  pass    è max.35million

    2nd & 3rd year amount of nine bridges fellowship will be determined according to the mid evaluation results of

        graduate school committee

       ※ selected fellowship beneficiary students are not allowed to also hold an ra/ta or other scholarships during the 

            same period

    ◎ screening process (schedules of 2013- 1st term)

       1st step: receiving application forms (application due date: apr. 15th, 2013)

     2nd step: x-x-x-document evaluation by unist professors (until apr. 25th,2013)

       3rd step: final evaluation & interview by graduate committee (tentative: may. mid, 2013)

    ※ final evaluation schedule can be changed, according to gpf selection schedule.

    ◎what to submit to apply for nine bridges fellowship

    1. cover of applications, resume (cv) and applications requirements

    2. letter of self introduction & letter of academic plan and research proposal

    3. letter of recommendation & research achievements

    4. academic tranx-x-x-script & official english test scores etc.

      ※ for more detail (including qualification (gpa & official english test score) , refer to attached file of

         “2013   nine bridges fellowship application (forms)”

     ◎ where to submit: administration office of applicant's major  department